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Evaporative Cooling

The beauty of the evaporative cooling lies in its simplicity. This process has been in use for centuries now. The Arabs were hanging wet blankets at their tent entrances and Greeks in turn were placing clay pots filled with water at their doors and windows. Evaporation acts as well on the sea shore where cool breeze from the water makes our leisure time on the beach more pleasant


Air conditioning, ventilation – „Komoda” Restaurant

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Ventilation, air conditioning, cooling – manufacturing plant „Cellco”

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Ventilation, air conditioning, cooling – manufacturing plant „Rhodia”

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Evaporative Vs DX Air Conditioning – Comparison

Low operational cost. Uses only 10% of energy in   comparison with traditional air conditioning. Low system installation costs.



Why Is It Worth To Install The Evaporative Air Conditioning?

Evaporative air conditioning offers by natural means the cooling, ventilation and filtration of air delivered to the room/space



How The Evaporative Cooler Works?

The Evaporative Cooler is fed with water from the mains or internal tank. The circulation pump delivers water to the sprinkler where it is prayed.